If you build it, will they come? (Part 2)

Why simply opening the doors just isn’t enough

Part 2 of 2

By Brad Huisken

A salesperson’s job is to convert traffic into sales. Here are some ways you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

1. Ask every customer at least two add-on questions. For example, you could inquire about any special events they have coming up in their lives. When is their anniversary? What are some of the special pieces in their jewellery collection? Who do they know who may be interested in a new timepiece? The list goes on and on.

2. Attempt to sell every customer higher-quality merchandise by increasing their perception of value. Everyone wants jewellery that will last well into the future. By selling higher-quality goods, you are actually providing your clients great customer service.

3. Turn every service or repair customer into a jewellery buyer by pointing out something exciting that just came in. You could also show them jewellery along the lines of the piece they are having repaired. As long as the customer is in your store for a repair, you might just as well ask them to look at new merchandise. This is also a great opportunity to determine any current jewellery needs.

4. Sell jewellery based on the emotional reasons why customers buy, not just the technical. This allows you to develop a personal connection with your clients who will look to you as a friend in the business. Remember, jewellery is very personal; it represents how people celebrate special moments, show love, etc. Genuinely share in the customer’s excitement over the purchase. You may find you’ve not only gained a new client, but a friend as well who will look to you to help find that perfect gift time and again.

5. Sometimes, you have no choice but to turn over a sale you cannot complete to another associate and give them a chance to close the deal. The reasons people don’t make a purchase are as numerous as the reasons they do. Just because the customer didn’t like anything you showed them doesn’t mean another salesperson will have similar results. It is entirely possible the client may respond to your colleague differently and even buy the same piece you showed them.

It all comes down to your ability to befriend another human being. If you can’t befriend the customer, then give somebody else a shot at it. I know that half of something is far better than all of nothing.

Good luck and work every minute of every day to increase your personal sales and productivity. You really can and do make a difference in the success of your organization.

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