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  • Emerald speak: Colombia sets the scene for the First International Emerald Symposium

    Organized by Fedesmeraldas—the Colombian Emerald Federation—with support from the country’s emerald-related bodies, including the governmental Ministry of Mines and Energy, the First International Emerald Symposium was held Oct. 13 to 15 in the nation’s capital city of Bogotá.


  • The 56th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair: A hub for coloured stones

    Despite the recent terrorist attacks in Bangkok and the global economic slowdown, the 56th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) still registered good visitor turnout. Some 11,000 people entered the show on the first day, keen on seeing the wares of some 2500 exhibitors and stocking up before the holiday season. While a definite showcase for Thai gems and jewellery, the event also featured a wide range of international exhibitors from dozens of countries around the world.


  • Selling with vision and insight

    In our journey to discovering new avenues to success, I hope you have found great satisfaction in connecting with your customers in a new way. At this point, you have been given new skills on how to truly connect with your customer and see your sale in a whole new light. By putting your customers’ needs first, establishing a bond of trust, and opening the lines of communication, you are well on your way to newfound greatness.


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