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  • Customer service motivation

    Someone once said that life would be easy if it wasn’t for other people. Making a living, however, usually involves interacting with those around you. Your job may be fine when customers are pleasant and everything goes well. Sooner or later, though, unavoidable delays, foul-ups, and interruptions can make even good jobs turn into, well… work. To help you have more ‘up’ days than ‘down’—even when things go wrong—here are several strategies I share in my seminars for making your job easier and your mood better. The bonus is your boss and your customers will love you for them.


  • Stock up on the right bait

    In this last article on fishing for sales, we will examine the final key ingredient to finding success in fishing, and how it relates to the world of retail sales. So far, we have discussed finding the proper location (i.e. the hot spots) and using the right equipment (meaning, selling skills and knowledge). This time, we will look at the importance of using the right bait. I would like to start off by sharing with you a story that illustrates perfectly what we see going on in the world of sales today.


  • Are you using the right equipment?

    Last time, we discussed the importance of finding the right location—or hot spot—when it comes to fishing and sales. Now we turn our attention to the importance of using the right equipment, by which I’m referring to your selling skills and knowledge.


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