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  • The modern day sales presentation: Managing your sales presentation

    Last time, I shared some insight into examining your selling style and how to create one that is more effective with the modern day customer. To complement that topic, I’d now like to discuss a very important process that can help make you more efficient and effective in selling your customer: the importance of learning to manage your sales presentation.


  • CJA names new board chair and presents awards

    Canadian Gem’s Tanya Parrish has been sworn in as chair of the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) for 2015-2016. About 40 people gathered for the association’s annual general meeting at Toronto’s King Edward Hotel, where Parrish, who served previously as first vice-chair, was presented with the collar.


  • The modern day sales presentation: Creating your selling style

    Along our journey to discovering the modern day sales presentation, I have shared with you insights that have revolutionized my sales career. I hope the importance of seeing your sales presentation in a new light, re-establishing the bond of trust with your customer, and connecting with him or her, has resonated with you and impacted your sales career in a meaningful way.


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