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  • Are you using the right equipment?

    Last time, we discussed the importance of finding the right location—or hot spot—when it comes to fishing and sales. Now we turn our attention to the importance of using the right equipment, by which I’m referring to your selling skills and knowledge.


  • Finding the hot spots when selling

    Last time, I shared with you the concepts of successful fishing and how it relates to the sales floor. In short, there are three important things you will need to find success in fishing: the right location, the right equipment, and the right bait. If you are missing anyone of these important factors, your fishing trip will not be very successful. Today, I am going to discuss the importance of finding the right location in greater detail. Let’s face it, you can have the right equipment and bait, but if there are no fish around, you would just be wasting your time.


  • Fishing for sales

    In the world of sales, we are judged based on our performance. Those who perform well often find success and fulfilment. Then there are those who underachieve and find themselves fading into obscurity. It is a two-way street, and you either are moving in one direction or the other.


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