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  • Connecting with the modern-day customer

    A sales pitch has unlimited potential—it may be quick, easy, and effortless. But it may also be a long-winded, drawn-out marathon. The final outcome is going to be based solely on whether you truly connected with your customer or not. From the moment he or she walks through the door, your actions set the course of the current sales process, as well as the future sales process, that is, if they choose to shop with you again.


  • Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair: Positive show results, despite challenges in industry

    From a historical point of view, Antwerp has stood at the epicentre of the global diamond trade. Through wars, economic depressions, shifts in the balance of rough diamond production, and the birth of new markets for diamond jewellery, the Flemish city has cemented its role as a capital of the international diamond business. The slogan ‘Cut in Antwerp’ embodies more than 550 years of diamond heritage, which, for centuries has been—and still is—a trademark of supreme quality and craftsmanship.


  • VicenzaOroThe Boutique Show: The bold and the beautiful

    Attracting 13 per cent more visitors than last year, and opening under the theme, ‘The Future. Now,’ VicenzaOro’s layout has been completely changed to better help buyers find what they are looking for and get the most out of their visit. A series of six ‘districts’ made up of similar businesses has been created, along with new and interactive multimedia to enhance the experience of buyers, as they look for specific types of exhibitors and products.


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