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  • The modern day sales presentation: Creating your selling style

    Along our journey to discovering the modern day sales presentation, I have shared with you insights that have revolutionized my sales career. I hope the importance of seeing your sales presentation in a new light, re-establishing the bond of trust with your customer, and connecting with him or her, has resonated with you and impacted your sales career in a meaningful way.


  • In search of sapphires: A behind-the-scenes look at gemstone mining in Sri Lanka

    When we see the sparkle of a beautiful sapphire or other gemstone in a piece of jewellery, the thought of where it came from doesn’t usually enter our minds. A recent tour of gemstone mines in Sri Lanka following International Colored Gemstone Association’s (ICA’s) 2015 Congress, however, gives new meaning to what’s behind the term ‘mine to market.’


  • Mind reading for managers: How to fully engage staff in five easy conversations

    Did you know only a fraction of your staff bring their ‘A game’ to work every day? According to companies like Aon Hewitt and the Gallup Organization, this number is about one in five. The rest? At best they are bringing their B or C games to work—at worst, their main goal is to keep from getting fired. This is the employee engagement crisis we now find ourselves in.


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