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  • The modern-day sales presentation: Establishing trust to open lines of communication

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you possessed a specific need, but felt very vulnerable when offering information? For me, the first thing that comes to my mind is taking my car to the auto repair centre. Clearly, I am there to have something done to my car. However, to not look ignorant, I act like I know what needs to be done and offer very little information. I do this because I have the sneaky suspicion they are going to rip me off or overcharge me for their services. The simple fact is I know nothing about car repair and the person who can help me has not yet gained my trust.


  • The Hong Kong shows: Two venues, two successes

    The largest global marketplace for diamonds, gemstones, pearls, finished jewellery, and related sectors welcomed the industry, as the 32nd edition of the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show got underway. From March 4 to 8, buyers converged on the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in the Wanchai district of Hong Kong Island eager to view the latest trends on display. The show overlaps somewhat with the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, which started two days earlier and is hosted at the Asia World Expo (AWE) near the airport.


  • Connecting with the modern-day customer

    A sales pitch has unlimited potential—it may be quick, easy, and effortless. But it may also be a long-winded, drawn-out marathon. The final outcome is going to be based solely on whether you truly connected with your customer or not. From the moment he or she walks through the door, your actions set the course of the current sales process, as well as the future sales process, that is, if they choose to shop with you again.


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