Lab-grown diamonds, coloured gems explored at Canadian gem conference

by Samantha Ashenhurst | November 23, 2022 11:35 am

Speaker Gary Roskin and Donna Hawrelko, president of the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA).
Photo by Janine DeWet

Laboratory-grown diamonds, coloured gemstone treatments, and nephrite jade are just a sampling of the topics explored at the Canadian Gemmological Association[2]’s (CGA’s) 31st Annual Gem Conference in Vancouver.

Hosted Oct. 21 to 23, the event featured speakers from around the world, including a keynote address from Mark Cullinan, CEO of Cullinan Diamonds.

“This in-person conference was extra special, as it has taken place after a hiatus of over two years due to the life-changing pandemic,” says the association’s president, Donna Hawrelko, who chaired the conference. “We are thankful to our noted speakers, our colleagues, and our friends who could join us this year.”

In addition to the keynote address, attendees enjoyed presentations from several other esteemed speakers, including:

The event also honoured CGA graduates, as well as the recently announced recipients[4] of the association’s fourth annual Emerging Artist Design Competition, including:

“I want to congratulate our winners this year on a job well done,” Hawrelko says. “Design creation is all about bringing your inspiration to life, and the participants have done an outstanding job with that.”

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