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Presentation is everything

By Jacquie De Almeida


  • Rather than ‘asking’ whether a client would like to try on a watch, ‘invite’ them to slip it on their wrist. It’s a subtle difference in wording, but it helps emphasize the luxuriousness of both the product and the shopping experience.
  • Unlike jewellery, a watch has design nuances that may not make them a good fit for every client. For instance, a crown on a larger case may dig into a person’s wrist. It’s essential the client try on a watch, even if they’ve already made up their mind that’s the one they want. If it’s a bad fit, you still have an opportunity to present other models or brands.
  • When a client removes their own watch, rest it on a tray in front of them next to the one they’re looking to buy. The difference between the two may help reinforce their decision that it’s time to pick up a new timepiece.
  • Wear pristine white gloves when presenting a high-end watch. It adds to the experience, not to mention allows you to polish the timepiece while showing it.
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