Varied and wearable: Fall jewellery trends offer something for everyone

August 1, 2013

By Amanda Gizzi

With summer in full swing, we must now turn our attention to fall and winter. While covering the fall 2013 fashion shows, I was delighted to see an overarching trend of wearability. The clothes were pretty, and it was easy to see how jewellery is going to play a big part in fall fashion. There were so many distinct styles, it became evident that no matter what your look is, there is a jewellery trend for everyone and every budget. Here are some of the hottest designs worth investing in this season:


Call it graphic, call it modern, call it architectural; whatever way you identify geometric jewellery, call it trend-worthy! With art deco-inspired jewellery being hot for the past few seasons, geometric jewellery plays off the period’s angles and shapes. However, with repetitive patterns, cutout shapes, and bolder styles, geometric is more statement-worthy. Primarily metal-focused, this trend will be everywhere in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Styles include cuffs, bangles, rings, and necklaces.

Pretty punk

If hearing the word ‘punk’ being associated with trends makes you want to run for the hills, fear not! The punk trend for fall has a wearability and air of femininity about it. With New York and Paris runways defined by pretty and almost conservative designs, punk felt like a warm and happy escape. Rest assured, punk jewellery for fall is not over the top. It is pretty—albeit with an edge—and worn together with more traditional jewellery. Styles to look for are studs, spikes, and arrows, as well as dark metal and gemstones.

Fashion friendly

It is not a secret the line between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery has blurred substantially over the past few years. Skyrocketing metal prices and consumer demand for high-quality, lower-priced pieces has driven designers to create gorgeous jewellery in silver that is making its way into fine jewellery stores. Buying into fashion collections gives retailers an edge. Women don’t just shop by occasion—they also shop by seasonality and impulse. Women buy jewellery and they are willing to spend a little more to get a quality piece that won’t fall apart after just one season. Fashion jewellery also becomes a reason to get customers into the store more frequently. It is a no-brainer.

Black and white

Bold and graphic, black and white combinations continue to be one of the hottest trends in fashion and fine jewellery for fall and winter 2013. Like yin and yang, black and white’s perfect contrast creates a bold, striking look. The overwhelming supply of black and white in clothing, footwear, accessories, and jewellery show this is a trend worth investing in. Black and white jewellery also pairs well with bold-coloured clothing and the all-white trend that will be hot for winter. Styles to consider include rings and cuffs with black and white metals, necklaces featuring blackened sterling silver and white diamonds, black and white diamond hoop earrings, and black and white gemstone rings and earrings. All-black jewellery and all-white jewellery can also be merchandised together to fit the trend.

Colourful ‘I dos’

Sure, white is nice, but colour is personal. The hottest new styles of bridal jewellery are getting jolts of colour, thanks to coloured diamonds. Where white diamonds are a big fish in the bridal jewellery pond, coloured diamonds are starting to make waves of their own. Coloured diamonds are being used to either replace their white counterparts or to simply accent them. Hot colours include champagne, brown, yellow, black, and grey, which are being used in engagement rings and wedding bands for women. They’re also a popular alternative where grooms are concerned.

Fall colours

Every season, Pantone releases its fashion colour report, providing a window to what colours will fill our lives from clothing to interior décor to jewellery. For Fall 2013, we continue with the colour of the year, emerald, dominating. Emerald jewellery is as hot as it comes. In addition to this vibrant hue, Mykonos blue (for the jewellery world, that means blue sapphires) will also be popular. The following colours round out the jewel-worthy fall palette: Acai (deep purple gemstones), Turbulence (grey pearls, hematite, grey diamonds), Vivacious (pink tourmaline and light rubies), Carafe (brown diamonds, brown gold, smoky quartz), and Koi (orange sapphires, fire opal, topaz).

Amanda Gizzi is the communications director and spokesperson for Jewelers of America (JA), a trade association for business serving the fine jewellery marketplace. She is recognized as an authority on fine jewellery and watch trends, savvy shopping tips, and gift-giving ideas. Gizzi appears regularly on television shows and radio programs throughout the United States, where she showcases the latest trends and provides consumers with fine jewellery and watch education. She can be contacted at[13].

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