Jewelers Mutual: Engagement ring ‘selfies’ could attract unwanted attention

by eyetee | June 17, 2015 3:12 pm

SB_bigstock-Hand-holding-da[1]Jewelers Mutual is warning retailers and the public to be careful about posting engagement ring ‘selfies’ on social media pages.

Given their high value and the ease with which they can be sold, particularly online, engagement rings are especially attractive to thieves.

Jewelers Mutual’s chief marketing officer (CMO) Trina Woldt says couples should think about who will see the picture of their engagement ring online, and cautions making photos visible only to family and friends, rather than the public.

“Location settings make it easy to know exactly where someone is every time they ‘check in,'” she added. “If your posts are ‘public,’ you’re sharing that information with the world. Consider limiting the number of people who will see your posts and know where you are at any given time.”

Retailers who add personal engagement ring photos to their social media pages should ensure they remove any information that could identify the couple, such as last names and cities of residence, which could be used to track them down.

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