Longines welcomes Kate Winslet to its Swiss HQ

May 20, 2016

Longines ‘Ambassador of Elegance’ Kate Winslet was led along the worktables where Longines watches are crafted so she could see for herself the production and assembly processes.

A re-issued Longines watch from its flagship collection will help raise money for Golden Hat Foundation, a non-profit co-founded by the brand’s ‘Ambassador of Elegance,’ Kate Winslet.

The Oscar-winning actress toured Longines’ head office in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, accompanied by the company’s president, Walter von Känel. In addition to seeing the production and assembly processes, Winslet—who joined the Longines family in 2010—visited the Longines Museum. There, she selected a watch celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2017. It will be re-issued in support of her charity, which is dedicated to changing public perception of people on the autism spectrum.

“I was delighted to learn Longines is so in touch with its rich history, from which it draws inspiration for creating new works of art that adhere to its values,” she said.

“I am deeply grateful to Longines for the support they have shown for the Golden Hat Foundation, an organization that is dear to my heart, by re-issuing the watch I have chosen today. It makes me incredibly proud to be able to contribute to raising public awareness of the situation individuals with autism face. I believe these individuals will greatly benefit from the possibility of learning to communicate, of receiving academic training, and of developing real social relationships.”

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