New article series recognizes women in the diamond industry

by carly_midgley | March 8, 2018 2:08 pm

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has produced an article series on women in the diamond industry—including Canadian environmental officer Kimi Balsillie, pictured above—in honour of International Women’s Day.
Photo courtesy DPA

The Diamond Producers Association[2] (DPA) is celebrating International Women’s Day[3] in a sparkling way. The group has released a series of articles written by and about women working in various sectors of the diamond business, from mining and manufacturing professionals to jewellery designers and retailers.

DPA’s chief marketing officer, Deborah Marquardt, says the initiative is intended to commend the achievements of these women on a professional, economic, social, and cultural level.

“We embrace this year’s theme, ‘Press for Progress,’ which calls on whole communities and industries to think, act, and be gender inclusive,” said Marquardt. “Gender equity issues are also business issues, and the diamond industry directly and indirectly supports the livelihood of millions of women around the world.”

The interviews feature:

The diverse voices of these women discuss many different aspects of the trade, from the economic opportunities inherent in the industry to the passion that drives jewellery design to advice for young, aspiring entrepreneurs. All are available on DPA’s ‘Stories Behind the Brilliance of Diamonds[16]’ platform.

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