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gemmology In the of the beholder How experience and close observation can save you money E very day, we use our five senses to observe and interact with the world around us. In most cases, the interaction is passive. Take the simple act of driving down the street—we use our eyes to see the traffic around us and our hands and feet to manoeuvre the car safely. 42 JB_Feb13.indd 42 If you were to place a professional race car driver behind the wheel, they would likely perceive their surroundings in a completely different way. For instance, they would feel any slight change in the tire pressure through the steering wheel; their eyes would inform them about traffic conditions four or five cars ahead; and their ears would be able to tell them how well the engine is running. ©Image from By Hemdeep Patel Jewellery Business / February 2013 1/22/13 4:17:23 PM