Well-oiled machines

To help you sift through the technological options, Jewellery Business offers a review of engravers, printers, welders, and carvers.
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Are synthetics poised to take over?

The growth in popularity of gem-quality synthetic diamonds has the top players in the jewellery industry asking whether consumers will lose confidence in the long-term value of this gem.
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Debra Messing to receive 2018 GEM Award

Jewelers of America (JA) has announced actress Debra Messing will receive the 2018 GEM Award for Jewelry Style, an award given to an individual who inspires and encourages consumer desire for fine jewellery. 
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Close enough?

As a professional appraiser, I pride myself on accuracy, clarity, and a defensible methodology. I believe what I'm doing and how I'm doing it is 'right.' Recent experiences have somewhat shaken my belief system, and I thought I'd share my concerns with the hope others finding themselves in any similar situations might benefit from my learning curve.
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Boy bands: Groom bling for saying ‘I do’ in style

While brides are usually the centre of the attention on their wedding day, grooms are not to be forgotten. With the multitude of styles, metals, and materials available, gents can't help but pick out something that symbolizes both their personal style and their devotion.
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