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A new season: Creating success with bridal jewellery in an evolving retail environment

Given wedding jewellery is an enduring symbol of the emotion and vows exchanged, that jewellery becomes a once-in-a-lifetime celebration itself. It is incumbent on the jewellery retailer, then, to precisely fulfill the wishes of the couple while discreetly honouring such details as price, design, and production.
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Debra Messing to receive 2018 GEM Award

Jewelers of America (JA) has announced actress Debra Messing will receive the 2018 GEM Award for Jewelry Style, an award given to an individual who inspires and encourages consumer desire for fine jewellery. 
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Zeroing in on diamond weight calculations

In the previous column, we looked at how tiny errors can add up to significant problems when dealing with many small stones. This time, we'll look at the calculations and adjustments that might be necessary when examining diamond centre stones.
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Put a ring on it: Men’s wedding bands for the big day

It's inevitable the bride be the centre of attention, come the wedding day. All eyes are on the dress, the jewellery, and the bouquet, a reflection of her personal taste and the vision she's likely had since childhood. But don't forget it's the groom's day to shine, too.
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