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Leading the mobile market: Tips for building a custom B2C jewellery app

Amidst the increasingly ubiquitous use of mobile devices and the massive success of e-commerce, the current era has been dubbed by many as the ‘post-PC’ world. Indeed, more than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.
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Debra Messing to receive 2018 GEM Award

Jewelers of America (JA) has announced actress Debra Messing will receive the 2018 GEM Award for Jewelry Style, an award given to an individual who inspires and encourages consumer desire for fine jewellery. 
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Mastering the method of manufacture

When preparing an appraisal for insurance coverage, detail is crucial. Gone (hopefully) is the use of a one-sentence description attached to a value. These days, the courts are increasingly seeking out professional qualified appraisers who offer more than an off-the-cuff opinion.
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Trends worth falling for: The 2017 Fall/Winter style guide

Inspiration is everywhere. With a push of influence coming from the runway and revealing a sense of what buyers are looking for, jewellers should take advantage of the upcoming demand in accessories. Now is the time to start preparing by recognizing the crucial must-haves of the season.
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Shop ’til you drop: The marriage of digital and the personal in-store touch

While the metaverse was among the hottest topics of conversation for 2022, the idea of a virtual world where people live, work, shop, and interact was a bit concerning for many in jewellery retail. Store owners were left wondering if brick-and-mortar shops would be around at all in the coming years, or if their businesses would be moved exclusively online. Despite the buzz, the answer, as we know it,...
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