Previously Recorded Demo-Casts

Priya Grown Diamonds Demo-Cast

Priya Grown Diamonds INC is excited to invite you to our Demo-Cast. Get all the answers to your questions about lab grown diamonds. The presentation will focus on topics like what are lab grown diamonds?; How are they different to mined diamonds?; and how can Priya Grown Diamonds...

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Gesswein Demo-Cast

Gesswein and Sisma presents the newest range of Welders that are the most Superior on the market today! The newest range of welders include the “Easy Access” (LM-D Ready) models that feature a broader opening that is covered with hanging rubber strips for your protection. The next step up...
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Matrix Gold 2019 & Countersketch Demo-Cast

MatrixGold: MatrixGold by Gemvision is a software package for custom jewellery design. allowing the user total control to create and manufacture jewellery. The package includes- Rhino 6, Cycles rendering and Clayoo 2.6. ; Countersketch by Gemvision is a library of jewellery designs that are parametrically adjustable. The designs are...
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