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Avoiding danger on the road

By David Sexton

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The most effective weapon against professional jewellery thieves is to be constantly alert and pay strict attention to details. Organized thieves observe people who work in the jewellery industry, waiting for someone to leave the premises with a suitcase, briefcase, or boxes of merchandise. Then, they follow the individual until there is an opportunity to attack. The following precautions can help heighten your awareness and safety on your next trip away from the office.

Before you go

Extreme care needs to be taken when travelling with merchandise and materials as valuable as precious metals and stones. First, it is important to maintain a detailed inventory of merchandise that will be carried on the road. Keep one copy with the line and store a second copy in a separate, safe location.

Prior to departing, take time to research your travel destination, identifying public places where potential help, witnesses, and/or security surveillance are likely to be present as a crime deterrent. These locations may include police departments, banks, drive-thru restaurants, and hotels. It’s a good idea to do this for each place you will be visiting.

When heading out on the road, never leave without a fully charged cell phone and your charger. Stay in contact with your family or office while away, so they know where you are throughout the day. It’s just as important to stay in touch with the clients you’re visiting. You should keep your schedule confidential otherwise so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, but if criminals know where you’re going, it will help to ask your clients to pay attention to their surroundings for any suspicious activity. That way, they can alert you to any potential danger.

Another item you may want to arrange in advance is to leave your line at the last jewellery store you visit. This will permit you to safely exit the premises and relax for the evening. If possible, leave your line in the store’s safe or vault to provide the most protection.

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