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Jewellery gets the star treatment: Fall fashions put jewellery in the limelight

By Amanda Gizzi

Jewellery trends develop from a wide range of influences, such as clothing styles, fabric colours, economics, and socio-economics. To uncover the hottest jewellery trends for each season, every inspiration has to be considered, analyzed, and scrutinized to determine how it translates to jewellery. Here’s a look at some of the styles leading the fall trends.

Ultra femme

White gold and diamond bow pendant by KC Designs.
White gold and diamond bow pendant by KC Designs.

The masculine look and oh-so-pretty fashions took centre stage at the fall 2012 runways earlier this year. What do the two have in common? Ultra-feminine jewellery. Structured powerhouse navy pantsuits, like those shown at Miu Miu, will call on dangling necklaces and other feminine jewellery to soften the esthetic. On the opposite side of the spectrum, demure lady-like offerings were ubiquitous with tweeds, floral prints, and lace. Jewel-adorned headwear and oversized brooches on black and white print coats saturated Oscar de la Renta’s breakout collection. These refined fabrics and designs inspire the desire for super-feminine jewellery. Oh-so-chic styles include bows, gumball-size strands of pearls, and brooches, as well as lacy, textured metal.

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