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Knowing how to receive packages can be just as important

By David J. Sexton

A few simple steps can help you avoid losing incoming shipped valuables and protect yourself against any discrepancies between what was shipped and what you actually received:

  • When you receive a shipment, take the time to confirm you’re signing for the right number of packages and ensure the tracking numbers match.
  • If an arriving package appears damaged or compromised, it could have been tampered with during shipping. Refuse it and return it to the shipper.
  • Keep good records. Immediately log all incoming packages, not just those you have accepted, but also those you have refused. Record the shipping method, tracking number, and shipper’s information.
  • Open carefully! Closely examine the contents and look for any items that might have been affixed to an inside surface. Examine all packing materials before throwing them away. You can’t be too careful—every year jewellers throw perfectly good jewellery into the trash!
  • Unpack items one at a time and compare the contents with the packing list.
  • For extra protection, consider video recording the unpacking and logging of received merchandise. This can help you when a shipper challenges your account of what was received.
  •  Confirm with the sender exactly what you received and any packages you might have refused because of actual or possible damage.

For a quick review of these tips, see Jewelers Mutual’s two-minute video, “Receiving Like a Pro.”

David J. Sexton, CPCU, is vice-president of loss prevention at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., in the United States. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Sexton serves on the Underwriters’ Laboratories’ (UL) Security Systems Council, where he is a corporate member of the insurance category. He also sits on the board of directors for Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC), and worked on the Central Station Alarm Association’s (CSAA’s) Insurance Liaison Committee that assisted in the development of the UL burglar alarm modular certificate program and revised UL standard. Comments and questions can be sent to

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