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AGS marks two milestones

AGS was founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley.

(AGS) is raising a glass to the 50th anniversary of its diamond grading standards.

In 1966, the group launched the AGS Diamond Grading Standards Manual, which it says was the first published manual that included a grading system for all 4 Cs, including cut.

“The manual also made it easier for consumers to understand a diamond’s grade because it included the AGS 0 to 10 grading scale,” said Jason Quick, laboratory director of AGS Laboratories.

“Today, the standards remain a proud part of AGS’s history. They have evolved over the years, and were advanced with the ground-breaking AGS light performance cut grade. Fifty years later, jewellers can better explain diamond beauty in ways the jewellery buyer can easily understand.”

Planned and researched by a committee of retailers, diamond cutters, and gemmologists, the manual was 10 years in the making. Published to support AGS’s mission of consumer protection, the manual works to protect the fine jewellery consumer by clarifying certain aspects of diamond quality and value. In addition, it serves as a tool for the jeweller to use at the sales counter, which in turn, gives AGS jewellers a means to clearly communicate a diamond’s qualities and build a more trusting relationship with their customer.

In related news, AGS is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of AGS Laboratories, which was established to coincide with its mission of consumer protection, as well as provide the AGS cut grade.

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