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CJG raises donations to house sick children’s families

Cassandra and Michel Lalonde of Bijouterie MARKOR present a donation cheque to Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Ottawa as part of the Canadian Jewellery Group’s (CJG’s) 2017 nationwide RMH fundraising campaign.
Photo courtesy CJG

Since initiating its charitable activities in 2008, the Canadian Jewellery Group (CJG) has raised more than $128,000 for Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Charities. This funding supports RMH’s mission of providing a safe space for the families of sick children to stay while the child is at a nearby hospital.

CJG has employed several different strategies to raise money for RMH, including offering a scrap gold drive and a silent auction at the group’s Annual General Meeting and Buying Show.

“I would like to thank all those who participated in our silent auction and scrap gold drive,” said Brian VandenDool, former CJG president, during a presentation at this year’s CJG Gala dinner. “This spectacular achievement could not have been possible without your great generosity—thank you!”

CJG anticipates $27,000 in donations will be hand-delivered to RMHs by local CJG members and suppliers throughout the holiday season.

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