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Creative CADworks to distribute 3D printers

SB_printerToronto-based Creative CADworks has been named the North American distributer for MiiCraft+ and MiiCraft Creative CADworks Plus Edition 3D printers.

Billed as the first printer designed for the jewellery industry by jewellers, the jewellery edition model uses 1, 2″¦3D Print engine software and CCW Castable Resin, two proprietary features developed by Creative CADworks (CCW).

Key features include:

• A print speed of 10 mm per hour with an XY resolution of 56um (microns);

• Utilizing the variable Z-axis to print highly detailed models or quick prototypes in half the time compared to other 3D printers; and

• Ability to cast models through conventional resin casting methods when used with CCW Castable Resin (available in the Creative CADworks Plus Edition).

SB_low-14ktgold2_plasticastThe standalone MiiCraft+ is bundled with the MiiCraft Builder powered by Materialise, while the Creative CADworks Jewellery Plus Edition includes Materialise, along with Creative CADworks’ 1, 2″¦3D Print engine software.

“The key goal of the MiiCraft+ Creative CADworks Jewellery Edition is to address the needs of the brick-and-mortar jeweller who needs something that can reconnect them to their customer,” says Hemdeep Patel, co-owner of Creative CADworks.

“With the MiiCraft+ Creative CADworks Jewellery Edition 3D printer, a retailer can now re-introduce the artistry and craftsmanship of jewellery making in today’s modern world. With the low cost of the MiiCraft+ Creative CADworks Jewellery Edition 3D printer, retailers don’t have to rely on images on a computer screen or catalogue—they can produce a printed 3D model for their client’s approval.”

For more information, visit or contact Kamal Patel at or (416) 368-7266.

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