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Gem group to offer diamond typing service

SB_PIC_160The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is adding a diamond typing service to its lineup.

With the popularity of natural coloured diamonds taking off as of late partly due to their scarcity, some are turning to diamond treatments to cash in on the boom. Jewellers are also colour-treating lower quality diamonds to help boost their value.

Citing client demand and an overall industry need for its decision to offer the service, IGI says diamond typing can determine candidates for high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) colour treatment or irradiation.

It can also help establish proper treatment conditions, as well as forecast a diamond’s colour once the process is applied.

“Diamond typing is a crucial first step in the colour treatment of diamonds and this new service can assist both our clients and the industry as a whole,” said IGI president and CEO Jerry Ehrenwald, GG, ASA.

Diamond typing can also help distinguish true ‘Canary’ diamonds (type Ib) and true ‘Golconda’ diamonds (type IIa).

The service is being offered through IGI’s New York laboratory.


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