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ICA joins initiative to track coloured stones

The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) has pledged its support of a United Nations initiative to certify the origins of gems.

“In the present context, tracking gemstones from their geographical origin with a realistic approach is an opportunity for the public sector, the gems and jewellery industry, and the civil society to address together social, technical, and environmental issues, as well as illicit and criminal practices threatening our sector,” said ICA president Wilson Yuen.

“This will undoubtedly enhance the transparency of the distribution chain and benefit all the stakeholders from mine to market and build up consumer confidence.”

United Nation Research Institute on Crime and Justice (UNICRI) is developing the initiative in conjunction with Vienna International Justice Institute (VIJI).

The idea was presented at a meeting in early April at UNICRI’s headquarter in Turin, Italy. Participants included representatives of governments of Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, as well as from jewellery brands and gemmological laboratories.

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