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IIDGR unveils new automated melee screening instrument

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR) will unveil its cutting edge automated diamond screen device at this week’s International Diamond, Gem & Pearl show in Hong Kong.

Succeeding its predecessor, the AMS2 will run 10 times faster, reduce referral rates, and process smaller sizes and all shapes of polished diamonds. 

“The AMS2 is the most technologically advanced, efficient and cost-effective melee diamond verification instrument available. Its industry leading low referral rate has significant economic benefits to users, greatly reducing the need for additional and costly secondary testing,” says IIDGR president, Jonathan Kendall. “Confidence is everything in the diamond sector and the AMS2 will play a big part in maintaining trust in trade transactions.”

The AMS2 will be available for purchase June 2017 for $45,000 U.S.

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