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Maison Birks to open location in Beijing

Maison Birks is taking its brand on the road to China, with its first-ever store outside North America.

A lease is being finalized at the new Xanadu Plaza in the Central Business District of Beijing. The store’s doors are expected to open after the Chinese New Year in early 2014, offering Chinese consumers an extensive selection of diamond wedding bands and engagement rings with centre stones comprised of Maison Birks’ certified Canadian diamonds.

The Montreal-based company announced the news in Beijing at a press conference.

“Maison Birks was the first Canadian jeweller to offer Canadian diamonds to its customers, with a guarantee of origin offering the ability to trace the centre stones back to the mine in which they were found,” said Jean-Christophe Bédos, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Birks Group Inc.

“Our presence in China highlights our authority as a world-class prestige jewellery brand, and offers a link to our recent efforts in rebranding and further developing the Birks brand. Our store will be located in a strategic location at the heart of Beijing’s thriving Central Business District, in proximity to the newly-built CCTV Tower.”

The store’s design was conceived in partnership with Montreal-based firm, Sid Lee.

Along with a group of key fashion and current news media, Jean-François Lisée, Quebec’s minister of international relations, francophonie and external trade, was also in attendance at the press conference.

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