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NYC gallery showcases Canadian-designed jewellery

Patriotism requires the belief that Canadian jewellery designers are out of this world, but now, it looks like they really are. The designs of four Canucks will sit alongside the work of more than 100 designers and lenders participating in ‘Out of this World! Jewelry in the Space Age’ at New York City’s The Forbes Galleries. The exhibition–which will be on display until Sept. 17–includes vintage memorabilia and art objects relating to space, as well as jewellery from the following Canadian designers:

Niki Kavakonis (Toronto) with her ‘Ad Astra’ ring in silver and iron/nickel meteorite.
Claudio Pino (Montreal) with his ‘Magnificence Stellaire’ ring in gold, silver, black opal, chrome diopside, emerald, moonstone, and pearl; and ‘Infinity’ ring with gold, silver, moonstone, diamonds, and ruby.
Dan Cormier (Roxboro, Que.) with ‘Looking Back to a Less Complicated Tomorrow’ and ‘Astronaut Inro.’
Janis Kerman (Westmount, Que.) with a brooch in silver with chalcedony iolite and blue topaz; and a silver ring with cultured pearl.


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