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Refine your customer retention skills with JB’s free webinar

Interested in boosting your brand’s digital marketing presence and customer relations? You won’t want to miss Jewellery Business’s upcoming webinar.

The customer journey is evolving. For some consumers, searching the internet for “jewellery stores near me” has become the norm, with many trusting online reviews with the same confidence as a friend’s recommendation.

Jason A’alona, head of retail with SaaS platform Podium.

However, while popping up on a customer’s digital radar may seem easy enough, building long-term connections can pose a challenge. To remain relevant and accessible, brands need to adjust their marketing strategies to suit the needs and wants of their customers. Today’s consumers demand convenience—and businesses that are unable to adapt are sure to be left behind.

Digital marketing professional Jason A’alona, head of SaaS platform Podium’s retail division, explores strategies for overcoming these challenges in his webinar entitled, “From first search to final sale: Understanding the modern jewellery customer journey.”

In his presentation, Jason will discuss a range of topics related to digital marketing, including:

  • How the modern jewellery customer journey has changed;
  • What retailers can do to leverage convenience and win more customers; and
  • Which tools can help your business adapt to meet your customers’ demands.

This free webinar will be held July 17 at 2 p.m. EST. To register, click here.

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