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Signet pushes to improve corporate social responsibility

A recent report from Signet Jewelers outlines the company’s goals in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
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On the heels of its three-year ‘Path to Brilliance’ plan, Signet Jewelers has released a report outlining its efforts to ensure corporate social responsibility (CSR). The report names people, responsible sourcing, environmental stewardship, and charitable giving as Signet’s main CSR priorities.

Within those categories, various specific goals have been set, including a 50 per cent reduction in electricity consumption over the next five years and donation of one per cent of pre-tax earnings to charity.

“We will ensure our commitment to operational integrity and to our communities matches the exciting plans we have put in place for our business performance and our culture,” said Virginia Drosos, the company’s CEO. “We will continue to advance our three strategic priorities of customer first, omnichannel, and a culture of agility and efficiency under our transformation, and we know our corporate social responsibility efforts are critical to achieving our ambitions in each of these areas.”

The report also highlights Signet’s existing CSR accomplishments, such as its recent reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, its conflict-free gold supply chain, and its use of a Board CSR Committee.

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