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WDC says Zimbabwe issue still unresolved

A statement released by the World Diamond Council (WDC) says continued oversight and monitoring is required before exports from Zimbabwe’s Marange fields can resume.

The news comes days after published reports the Kimberley Process (KP) had passed a modified version of its Jerusalem agreement, effectively clearing the way for the African nation to exports its diamonds.

According to the WDC, Zimbabwe authorities still need to consult with the new KP chair Mathieu Yamba, representing the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We believe these consultations are sensitive and ongoing,” the council said in the statement. “Mr. Yamba has called for understanding and patience as efforts are made, in good faith, on all sides to reach a conclusion.”

In the meantime, the WDC is advising the diamond industry that exports of stocks and production from the approved concessions in Marange do not carry KP certification. “We, therefore, advocate caution and the adoption of due diligence when trading rough diamonds on the international market.”

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