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If you can’t afford to replace it, don’t laser it

Most of the time a laser beam passes through a clean, clear diamond and nothing happens. However, there are times when the laser beam hits an impurity and a burst occurs, like in the diamond shown here. For this reason, I no longer use a laser to re-tip over expensive diamonds or coloured gemstones, although for melee, it is a viable option. The savings in time and materials outweigh the inevitable loss of a stone or two. Stone damage occurs approximately one per cent of the time.

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Back to basics: Tips on re-tips

One of my personal heroes is Mike Holmes, the home repair guru whose television program, Holmes on Homes, depicts poor renovation projects he makes right for the homeowner. Mike has made a name for himself in Canada, both among the general public and in construction circles. His following in the United States is equally impressive.

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