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Going custom: Sign on the dotted line

Joe Karbo’s 1973 book, The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches, is about an ordinary man’s struggle to become a great salesman. In it, he dedicates his success to always trying to meet his customers’ needs. To this end, Karbo identifies the motivating factors for why people make significant purchases.

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Tom’s Tool Tip

The bench jewellers I know, myself included, have a tendency to use their tools for purposes other than for what they are intended. I, for instance, tend to grab a pair of diagonal cutters when I want to snip through a piece of binding wire or lift a worn prong off a diamond. Actions like these dull cutters and make them useless when trying to achieve a fine flat cut through a chain’s link.

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Back to basics: Don’t kick the bucket

I’d like to begin this article with a short discussion about pricing chain repairs. These jobs are a great source of dependable income for bench jewellers, as they take very little time and the cost is low. An experienced jeweller should be able to fix approximately eight chains an hour.

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