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Create a showtime experience

By Brian Barfield

22775171-mainLast time, we discussed the importance of maintaining your levels of passion and energy. Today, I am going to share with you some insight that can revolutionize your selling style. It is the concept of creating a showtime experience for your customer’s while you are selling them.

Take a moment and think about this radical idea. We all know the customer has evolved over the years and that they desire something unique and different. They are tired of the same old greeting and sales trickery used to get their hard-earned money. For those of you who have read my book, you know the modern-day customer responds better to things like passion and energy, serving while selling, showing kindness, and building them up with compliments. Success is found with the modern-day customer when you offer something that benefits them and creates a positive environment.

When I chose to enter commission sales, I realized the secret to finding success was to create a unique and different selling style. So I decided I would create a show that would capture their hearts and set me apart from every other sales associate they encountered. My show would be scripted to put their needs first and give them an amazing experience that would keep them coming back for more. I was not going to just bombard them with super selling skills, product knowledge, or sales tactics—I was going to give them a showtime experience while I was selling them.  

So how did I come up with such a radical idea? Like everything, I look at life examples and translate them to the sales floor. I took my own life experiences of watching movies over the years and dissected them to design my show. Have you ever watched a movie and could not wait to see it again? Was there ever a scene or moment in a film that stuck in your mind forever? This is what I desired to create within my customers and it has been the foundation of my selling success. Here’s how you can create your own show.

Whenever you watch a movie, you usually know if it is going be any good within the first few minutes. I realized how critical it is to capture my customer’s attention from the moment we meet. Consider a movie that starts out with a bang. From the start, you know you are about to watch something spectacular. The anticipation of knowing what is going to happen next has you swept up in the moment. It is this kind of feeling you want to create for your customers from the time they enter your store. I used my passion and energy to make this happen—I was excited to see the customer and had a sense of urgency to get to work for them. If done with good body language, a genuine smile, and perfect eye contact, your client will be tuned in to what you are showing.       

The next step is finding out what mood your customer is in and delivering a show that is catered just for them. Many people often enjoy the comedy routine because they like to be entertained. Knowing how to make them laugh and smile creates an environment that is fun and memorable. Through trial and error, I came to realize there were more show experiences to offer than simply a comedic one. Consider, for instance, a client who may be going through a difficult stretch in life—they are most likely looking for a soothing experience and understanding. The avenues are endless in creating an amazing show designed specifically for your customer.

I encourage you to examine the value of giving your customers an entertaining shopping experience. Make sure that what you offer is unique and different from anything they have experienced before. This is what will set you apart from the standard style of selling and lead you to greatness. Next time, we close out this series with sales truth number ‘7’, the signs of an elite sales professional. A major key to lasting success is taking what is good and making it great.

This article is based on the book, “Modern Day Selling: Unlocking your Hidden Potential,” by Brian Barfield. For more information, visit his website at or e-mail him at

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