Decking the halls: How to protect your business this holiday season

December 16, 2016

By David J. Sexton

Holiday sales are critical to the success of a retail jewellery business. Jewellery stores are handling an influx of customers, ready to purchase the perfect gift to put under the tree. With all the excitement of the holidays, plus the increased sales and foot traffic, now is definitely not the time to let your focus on in-store security falter.

Given the recent cycle of crime targeting products like luxury watches, your security should be more 
top-of-mind than ever. Whether you carry luxury merchandise or not, you can improve your store’s security this holiday season by protecting yourself against three common crimes.

Peak shopping season, and a store filled with customers, won’t deter robbers from attacking your showcases with sledgehammers or threatening you with a gun. Criminals have even targeted hightraffic locations like shopping malls during past holiday seasons—there’s no reason to think this year will be any different.

Make sure you and your staff are consistently doing these things to prevent a robbery.

Distraction theft increases during the holidays because of increased foot traffic, increased inventory, and busy employees.

Distraction theft
With a flood of customers looking for that perfect piece of jewellery, employees are stretched thin. Well-prepared thieves are patient and will wait for an associate’s attention to slip, then strike. Remind your entire staff how important each of the following simple actions are to the security of your valuable merchandise.

Having more than one staff member performing openings and closings will ensure safety for your staff, store, and inventory.

Internal theft
Many stores hire temporary help for the holidays to accommodate the surge in customer traffic. Unfortunately, internal theft is a serious threat. How easy would it be for your employees to under-ring tickets and keep the difference, or sneak merchandise out 
the door?

When hiring your seasonal staff, follow these tips to help protect against employee theft.

The holidays are a time of celebration and sharing, and for your business they are a time to achieve success. Taking these precautions to ensure the security of your merchandise will make for a merry and bright season and a happy new year.

David J. Sexton, CPCU, is vice-president of loss prevention consulting at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., in the United States. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Sexton serves on the Underwriters’ Laboratories’ (UL) Security Systems Council, where he is a corporate member of the insurance category. He also sits on the board of directors for Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC), and worked on the Central Station Alarm Association’s (CSAA’s) Insurance Liaison Committee that assisted in the development of the UL burglar alarm modular certificate program and revised UL standard. Comments and questions can be sent to[1].

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