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Feel the heat: Hot jewellery styles for the fall/winter season

By Amanda Gizzi

After what feels like a long period of uncertain economic conditions, consumer confidence is rising and with that comes a longing to buy and invest in beautiful things. That’s where jewellery comes in. Trends for the fall/winter season show consumers are ready to buy quality, show off their purchases, and make jewellery the go-to accessory. Styles are larger, colours are bolder, and quality is better. As we explore the trends that will shape the rest of the year, you’ll notice designers have their eyes on the future and not on the past. Inspiration is still being taken from eras long ago and more recent decades, but designs feel fresh and the sunny outlook has definitely helped shape fashion-forward and upbeat jewellery. Here’s a look at the top trends your customers will crave.

Yellow gold

There is no denying it—yellow gold is back. Consumers of all ages are embracing the warm metal, whether in fashion jewellery or even the bridal category. The red carpet has certainly helped fuel the desire for the yellow metal, as celebrities layer it on in the form of earrings, cuffs, bangles, and lots and lots of rings. High-polish yellow gold still has its place, primarily in wedding bands, bangles, and hoop earrings, but rings and cuffs with hammered finishes, scroll work, inlays, and flush-set stones will also be popular looks. Yellow gold wedding bands for men are becoming popular even among younger consumers, as they become more accustomed to seeing the metal as a fashionable choice.

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