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Feel the heat: Hot jewellery styles for the fall/winter season

Bold necklaces

Big necklaces are getting a lot of attention from the runways in New York, Paris, and Milan, along with the red carpets of Beverly Hills. Statement necklaces instantly become the focus of an ensemble and can quickly make boring outfits fashion-forward. It is no surprise, then, that jewellery designers are leaning toward bold necklace styles using gold, silver, gemstones, and even diamonds. Coloured gems are a natural choice for statement necklaces, since the stones can be paired together for a big look. Sleek styles with whimsical elements like carvings and inspirations from nature are another standout look. Also, consider pieces that frame the collarbone, have open space to allow the skin to show through, and longer styles that can easily be worn over a variety of tops. The old rule about wearing only one statement piece is also thrown out the window this season—layer them together to create one big style declaration.

Amanda Gizzi is the director of public relations and special events for Jewelers of America (JA), a trade association for businesses serving the fine jewellery marketplace. For more than a decade, she has been recognized as an authority on jewellery trends, savvy shopping tips, and gift-giving suggestions. Gizzi appears regularly on television shows and radio programs throughout the United States, where she showcases the latest trends and provides consumers with fine jewellery education. She can be reached at

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