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Maintaining your passion and energy

By Brian Barfield

100361213-mainIn the last instalment of this series, we discussed the benefits of serving your customers while selling. Today, I want share a little treasure that can lead you to a long and lasting sales career. It is the importance of learning how to maintain your level of passion and energy.

How many times have you witnessed someone walk away from their sales career when everything seemed to be going well? Often it is because they are burnt out and cannot seem to find a renewed passion and energy to continue. At first, they might believe a vacation will remedy the situation. They return refreshed with a newfound sense of urgency, thinking all is well. A few weeks later, they are depleted again and looking for answers. Let’s look at some of the ways you can take your sales career to new heights.

There are so many situations in today’s world that can cause you to lose your passion and energy. They can range from financial or relationship issues to illness to a negative work environment. All these things can cause holes to appear in your emotional tank and allow your passion and energy to leak out, leaving you desperate for answers. It is important to learn to manage your mind daily and fill up your passion and energy ‘tank.’ This can allow you to perform at a higher level and give your customers the ultimate experience.

Many of the problems on today’s sales floors can be repaired with a renewed spirit of passion and energy. Start by looking at your work environment. How much passion and energy do you see? Always remember that others mirror whatever you decide put out—positive energy breeds positive results. Likewise, negative energy breeds, well, you know. Think of the impact a high level of passion and energy could make in your store environment if you showed excitement toward every customer you served. Your customer base would grow rapidly. How do I know this? It is because the passion and energy that flows out from you fills up your customer’s emotional tank. You are now giving them a gift that is priceless and hard to find these days.

Take a moment and think about that last statement. You are not just selling your customer anymore—you are impacting their lives in a powerful way and sharing something special with them. How could they not repay you with their loyalty and trust? They are indebted to your kindness and the gift you gave them.

There are a few things I recommend that can help you start renewing your passion and energy. The first would be to show up at work 15 minutes early every day. Examine yourself and set your mind for success. Put aside all the negative things that bind you and hinder you from greatness. Secondly, I suggest you focus on areas of your life that cause holes to appear in your emotional tank and begin to repair them.

In closing, I challenge everyone to look within and check their level of passion and energy. I am pretty sure many of you could use a fill-up. A healthy mix of passion and energy is the fuel that can drive you to greatness. Therefore, it is vital you master the skill of maintaining it to the highest level. Next time, we’ll look at sales truth number ‘6,’ which centres on creating a ‘show time’ experience for your customer. This skill can set you apart from the standard sales associates and give your customers a refreshing experience.

This article is based on the book, “Modern Day Selling: Unlocking your Hidden Potential,” by Brian Barfield. For more information, visit his website at or e-mail him at

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