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The importance of change: The resurgence of Citizen

Creating a global image

The Citizen brand can be found in more than 100 countries; its global sales account for 70 per cent, while the remaining 30 per cent sales are accumulated in its native Japan. At first glance, these may present strong numbers; however, the issue lies in contrasting the brand’s global sales versus its global image, which is another challenge Tokura has undertaken. Simply put, he has sought to elevate the brand’s global image; the answer to solving this problem can be found in consistency. The brand’s ‘Better Starts Now’ campaign, along with emphasizing the beauty and design of a watch, has contributed to the effort of providing a strong and consistent global image.

During his process of organizational reform, Tokura has aptly understood Citizen’s strengths and weaknesses. By September 2015, watch sales increased 12.5 per cent, while profits rose a staggering 30.5 per cent. The company is now developing its first multi-brand strategy with Bulova, Arnold and Son, and La Joux-Perret. It is clear the brand has direction under Tokura and that change, for Citizen, has fuelled a welcomed growth.

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