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Trends worth falling for: The 2017 Fall/Winter style guide


Keys have gone from an everyday essential to a coveted luxury item. For Fall 2017, prepare to see bejewelled key pendants on necklaces and earrings trending again.

It is always a perk when old objects can be made new again with minimal efforts. Although this may seem like an easy DIY, staple jewellery brands like Tiffany
& Co., Swarovski, and Forzieri are taking notes.

For your retail store, it’s important for you to find keys designed in modern metals such as rose gold, stainless steel, and titanium, as they are likely to be popular.

Beyond visual appeal, keys also hold many meanings: the key to life, someone’s heart, success, friendship, or new beginnings.

This trend can be styled by layering two key pendant necklaces with two long chains in a contrasting metal, i.e. rose gold and sterling silver, as seen on Maison Margiela’s Fall 2017 runway show.

Ear cuffs and pierceless jewellery

The ear cuff has not been the easiest look to pull off, but with its increasing popularity, more jewellers are producing spinoffs.

This season, prepare to see high-end versions of this statement piece with a delicate twist. Now that there is a well-defined transition in accessories from bold to subtle, the ear cuff is designed with less jewel clusters, but simple metals instead. The clear shift to alternative jewellery means women are wearing jewellery more unconventionally. This is creating a bigger market for pierceless earrings with an array of ear climbers and ear cuffs.

Y-necklace and lariats 

The Y-necklace and lariat are amazing ways to dress the chest and neck, achieving a sexy yet elegant look. This ‘90s trends has made its way back, just as the choker did last year.

The ‘90s Y-necklace and lariats were originally pure cubic zirconia worn by socialites such as Paris Hilton, but have now been toned down with dainty light and feminine chain attachments. The lariat’s hairline low-hanging and barely-there chain typically hits the cleavage or lower, which appeals to your customers who enjoy using jewellery, rather than clothing, to make a flirtatious statement.

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The runway influences for the Y-neck silhouette came from Hermès and Anapsara who did a play on geometry. Expect customers to want them in subtle silvers moreso than any other metal tone. For an upgraded version of this style, suggest customers try dainty body chain featuring a connected choker.

Coloured gemstone combinations

Dare to be bold! Unexpected colour combos are the main attraction this season. Perfect compilations of rose gold, red ruby, and teal sapphire are amongst some of the innovative contenders. Even engagement rings will be encrusted with big, bold coloured stones.

Tessa Packard London’s courtesan 18-karat gold, black diamond, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, quartz, and tourmaline earrings are an example of what your customers will be looking for and how designers will colour block with gemstones.

Chandelier earrings and bracelets are great pieces for customers wanting to achieve coloured gemstone combinations. It is important to use contrasting metals with the coloured stone of choice. For instance, suggest a customer mix silver with emerald instead of gold or bronze and sapphire blue.

Whether your customer is a trendsetter wanting the runway’s latest and greatest, or simply revamping an old favourite style with an updated twist, there is a piece of jewellery able to satisfy every need.

Anita Ehui is a writer and digital content creator from Ottawa, Ont. Starting out at ELLE Canada, Ehui produced fashion, beauty, and lifestyle articles as an intern and editorial assistant. In 2016, she found herself working as a brand ambassador at Saks Fifth Avenue in Toronto. She currently works as a product supervisor for She can be reached via e-mail at

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