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VicenzaOro: ‘Made in Italy’ shines brightly at About J and ‘Fall’

By Jacquie De Almeida

Italy’s economic woes did little to dull the spirits at VicenzaOro’s About J and ‘Fall’ edition. In fact, it is fuelling ongoing efforts to promote ‘Made in Italy’ jewellery to markets like China and India where consumers are looking to Italian designers to satisfy their appetite for brand-name products.

It’s an opportunity the events’ organizer is seizing, as it works to position itself as a global player and help create closer ties between Italian brands and retailers and consumers in those key markets, says Fiera di Vicenza chair and chief executive officer (CEO), Roberto Ditri.

“In this global environment, the time has come to shift our presence directly into new markets,” explained Ditri, addressing the international press at About J, which was held in picturesque Cortina d’Ampezzo.

“Fiera di Vicenza moves where the markets are for growth potential and especially for market segmentation, promoting Italian high-end, top-quality innovative, creative, and artistic design, as well as flawless manufacturing”¦ The aim is to directly enter those markets where demand trends are increasing with dynamic formats that promote Italian products and fine jewellery.”

‘Fall’s’ theme—Creativity 5.0—will factor heavily in that, as it re-invents how companies relate with a particular market by developing interactive strategies regarding product and process innovation, new approaches to distribution, and better communication with consumers. It’s an initiative that takes the web 2.0 concept of information sharing, interoperability, user-centred design, and collaboration to the next level.

The fair’s FDV 2011/15 revitalization plan is on schedule where strategic alliances are concerned, particularly in markets where gold jewellery consumption is high. Earlier this year, Fiera di Vicenza and the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) signed a far-reaching agreement that will encourage collaboration between the two groups, with the fair acting as a representative for all Italian and European jewellery, gold, watchmaking, and technology brands exhibiting at the yearly Dubai International Jewellery Week.

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