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CIBJO Congress ready to begin        

This year’s CIBJO Congress is hosted by the Armenian Jewellers Association.

The 2016 CIBJO Congress will open in Yerevan, Armenia on October 26. The congress includes a series of meetings, each focusing on a different sector or field of interest in the jewellery industry. Agendas and related documentation for the meetings and sessions are now available online.

Sessions will be hosted by CIBJO’s:

  • Gemmological Commission
  • Pearl Commission
  • Ethics Commission
  • Precious Metals Commission
  • Marketing & Education Commission
  • Diamond Commission
  • Coloured Stone Commission
  • Coral Commission
  • Sector A

There will also be a session on corporate social responsibility, which will discuss economic and environmental sustainability. In advance of the congress the CIBJO Ethics Commission published a report discussing the launch of a series of online courses on corporate social responsibility for the jewellery industry.

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