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JB columnist wins silver at Kenneth R. Wilson Awards

Tom Weishaar’s six-part series on stone-setting techniques captured silver at the Kenneth R. Wilson (KRW) Awards.
Jewellery Business bench tips writer Tom Weishaar has captured silver at the Kenneth R. Wilson (KRW) Awards for his six-part series on stone-setting techniques.

“We are very honoured to have won a KRW Award,” said Jewellery Business editorial director, Blair Adams.

“Tom’s articles are very popular with our readers and we continually receive positive feedback on the relevance of his columns. It is exciting that a jury of our peers also recognizes the quality of JB’s content and the great work we do in providing Canadian jewellery professionals with timely, trusted, and topical editorial. This award further cements our position as Canada’s jewellery magazine.”

Weishaar was nominated in the ‘Best How-to Article or Series of How-to Articles’ category. This was his and Jewellery Business’s first time winning at the prestigious magazine awards.

“In the southern part of the United States, we have an old saying that goes like this, ‘If you happen upon a turtle sitting on top of a fence post, you can be assured he didn’t get there by itself,'” Weishaar said.

“I am a person who knows a bit about how jewellery is made and very little about writing. I would like to thank the great team at Jewellery Business, who make my articles look professional, and especially Jacquie De Almeida, my editor, who takes my ramblings and makes them readable.

“I hope this collection of articles on stone-setting helps my fellow bench jewellers, just as great people like Lee Peck and Jose Gadoy helped me when I was a young turtle. Jewellery can be a wonderful industry—don’t settle for mediocrity.”

Now in its 58th year, the awards recognize excellence in 20 written, visual, special, and online categories.

More than 600 individual entries were submitted for consideration. Eighty-eight volunteer judges nominated 152 submissions from 57 different Canadian publications.

Gold, silver, and honourable mention awards were presented at The Carlu in Toronto earlier this month at a gala ceremony.

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