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Pandora names ex-Bulgari exec as CMO

Carla Liuni has been named Pandora’s new chief marketing officer (CMO).
Carla Liuni has been named Pandora’s new chief marketing officer (CMO).

As Pandora continues to strive for reinvention, the Danish jewellery company has added a former Bulgari executive to its leadership team.

Carla Liuni will take the reins as chief marketing officer (CMO), reporting directly to Pandora CEO, Alexander Lacik.

For the past four years, Liuni served as vice-president of global marketing and communication at Bulgari, luxury group LVMH’s flagship jewellery brand. Prior to that, she spent nearly 20 years at Procter & Gamble, where she was general manager (GM) for the Prestige division, which included brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Hugo Boss.

“As part of our turnaround program, we are significantly stepping up our marketing investments and have just relaunched our brand to improve relevance for consumers,” Lacik says. “Carla has a unique profile which combines mass market brand building with the ability to create the aspirational and desirable worlds of luxury goods. She is a passionate and energetic leader, and I am very happy she will take this critical role in our leadership team.”

“Pandora is a leading global brand that touches the lives of millions of consumers with a unique proposition,” Liuni adds. “The company is now on an incredibly exciting transformation journey to drive brand relevance as the centrepiece of its turnaround, and I look forward to joining the team and contributing.”

Liuni is set to join Pandora in March. Jesper Damsgaard, who has been serving as interim CMO, will transition into a new role within the company, following a hand-over.

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  1. As the saying goes “what goes around comes around”. Pandora is a company with no compassion or respect for their family. When they dumped 185 dealers out of nowhere across Canada, the stores who had made sizeable financial investments and loan commitments to be a partner, soon learned Pandora has absolutely no respect for them.

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