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Rio Tinto to focus on diamond origin in collections

18-karat gold ring by Xiao Wang for Diamonds with a Story, with Argyle diamonds.

Tracked jewellery collections with a clear and transparent chain of custody will be the focal point of Rio Tinto’s global diamond sales and marketing initiatives.

“We see a unique business opportunity for the industry to tap into the changing expectations of a new generation of consumers who want to know where their diamonds come from,” said Bruno Sané, general manager of marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds.

Over the weekend, Rio Tinto launched its 2016-2017 ‘Diamonds with a Story’ collections at JCK Las Vegas, which included pieces from the following six U.S. jewellery designers:

  • Paige Novick;
  • Xiao Wang;
  • Jennifer Dawes;
  • Matthew Campbell Laurenza;
  • Suzanne Kalan; and
  • Sandy Leong.

These collections comprise Australian tracked diamonds and are available to retailers through Rio Tinto’s manufacturing partners.

“Increasingly, the value of a diamond is tied to where and how it was mined, how it was cut and polished, and the process of bringing it to sale,” said Simon Trott, managing director of Rio Tinto Diamonds.

“This is a very reasonable expectation that is steadily reshaping the diamond industry for the better.”

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