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Sneak peek: ‘The birth and care of birthstones’ by Lauriane Lognay

Tourmaline and diamond engagement ring with a tanzanite and garnet, set in 18-karat yellow gold. Photo by Rippana Inc.
Tourmaline and diamond engagement ring with a tanzanite and garnet, set in 18-karat yellow gold.
Photo by Rippana Inc.

Generally speaking, customs assumed to be modern traditions almost always end up being the offspring of an older story. Further, while sources may differ and speculation might be as deep as oceans, most legacies tend to agree on a few things.

The history of birthstones, writes JB Gemmology columnist Lauriane Lognay, is no different.

In her upcoming column, Lognay offers a history of birthstones, discussing gems that have been adopted into use or discarded over the years, as well as which options work best in bridal and engagement jewellery. She also offers handy tips, both for clients and bench jewellers, on how to properly care for these precious stones.

Check out the excerpt below:

As years go by and generations progress, jewellery is sure to stay constant in our hearts. Further, while styles might evolve and trends may shift over time, colour remains an everlasting embellishment, adorning the precious valuables we hold so dear.

Likewise, coloured gemstones undergo continual change as jewellery techniques grow bolder and more intricate. Indeed, with the help of modern technology, we are seeing crafting methods unlike any seen before. Despite these advances, however, the overarching goal of a jeweller remains untouched: to create pieces invoking inspiration and sentimentality.

Assisting a jeweller’s aim to produce lasting jewellery is the collective embrace of longstanding traditional wear, such as signet rings, bridal and engagement jewellery, bespoke pieces, and more. Thus, while customs and trends may change over time, these treasures endure.

Among these traditions are birthstones assigned to each month of the year. These gemstones are largely considered a physical representation of a person’s period of birth, be it for the month, a specific day of the week, or for a zodiac sign (the latter two are less common than the month of birth). These stones, ranging in hues, are typically worn in jewellery and can hold special significance to those who wear them.

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To read the rest of Lognay’s column, be sure to check out our May issue!

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