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New website consolidates educational programs into one platform

A new tool is available to help existing and prospective members of the trade find and access educational programs related to various parts of the industry. Launched by Jewelers Education Foundation (JEF), the Jewelers Education Portal is a collaboration between associations serving the jewellery, diamond, coloured stones, precious metal, and watch sectors.

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2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Nobody likes tension, but when it comes to jewellery, it is sometimes a necessary requirement. When Vancouver designer Andrew Costen decided he would make a claspless bracelet set with gemstones along a platinum wire, he knew creating the right amount of tension would be the biggest challenge. Too much of it and the wire would not be flexible enough to allow the bracelet to be put on. Too little tension and it would not spring back properly and fit tight on the wrist.

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2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Good ‘wings’ come to those who wait—at least they do for Canadian designer Gregoré Morin. Although he had been thinking over the last few years about creating a pair of earrings inspired by the butterfly preserve near his home, he neither had the material nor the time to make them.

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