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Management succession: Addressing the elephant in the room

In family businesses, decisions surrounding succession have the potential to create much conflict and animosity if they are not clearly outlined and understood by all. Having a management succession plan in place in the case of death, incapacity, and retirement can very well save both the business and the family. It is worth taking the time to develop one.

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It’s all relative: The role of the family council

Family council meetings are intended to provide a communication forum to keep the broader family informed of what is going on in the business, provide the owners with a forum to promote employment and career opportunities to relatives, promote the succession guiding principles and corresponding business rules, and allow the family to connect or reconnect as a unit.

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Lessons from the pirates: Dispute resolution

The pirates knew what to expect if they had a disagreement—they would be pardoned once, and then they could expect to be punished or brought ashore. The key to success was the fact all pirates knew exactly how disputes would be dealt with, and the fact the rules also outlined certain unacceptable actions.

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