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Building a palette using candy-coloured gemstones

In response to a challenging couple of years, 2022’s fashion trends are leaning toward colours that are bright, happy, and (frankly) delicious. Reminiscent of candy colours, the 2022 spring/summer palette brings us back to childhood joy and simple indulgence—which also seems to be a perfect fit for this season’s jewellery. Much like how everyone has their favourite flavour, there is a coloured gemstone for every taste, too.

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Bridal bliss and the gemstone rainbow

Who says engagement rings must be made with diamonds? This question, of course, is a bit cheeky, as jewellery professionals are no doubt familiar with the answer. This long-standing tradition is the result of a fairly genius marketing campaign, which has been embraced by today’s fashion. Of course, things change—especially fashion! These days, we are seeing more and more celebrities and trendsetters ditch diamond engagement rings in favour of big, juicy gemstones of all varieties and colours.

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Emerald: The verdant stone

From time immemorial, precious stones have been the favoured muse of distinguished authors. The emerald in particular is found referenced in ancient biblical scriptures, in the prolific writings of Pliny the Elder, and generously peppered throughout Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays.

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