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‘Future perfect’: Love takes an interstellar journey

By Llyn L. Strelau

My business model has always centred around custom design—reading the client, getting deep in their psyche, and giving them what they want (even if they don’t know what they want). A client’s inspiration can range from a collection of magazine clippings and Internet captures to napkin sketches, grandma’s antique engagement ring, or a beach pebble from a memorable vacation. Often the genesis can be a particular gemstone, be it a birthstone or simply a favourite colour. Hobbies, lifestyle, remembrance of a loved one, or the celebration of a new life together can all come into play. Occasionally, there is little offered as a starting point, which means I have to work much harder to get the creative ball rolling.

Sometimes, however, there is a more focused request—the client has very definite ideas of what they wish to have made and then it is my job to take the concept and make it a reality. The subject of this article is one of these projects.

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