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Smartwatches: They’re cool, but are they a game-changer for the watch industry?

By Jacquie De Almeida

Most teenage boys are keen on video games, MP3 players, and skateboards.

So when watch retailer and aficionado Daniel Freiberg found himself discussing the ins and outs of a $5000 Bell & Ross timepiece with a 14-year-old, he couldn’t help but be just as enthused as the youngster.

“The father didn’t know too much about watches, but the son knew the movements and marketing strategies of the ones we carry,” recalls Freiberg, sales director at Classic Creations in Toronto. “It was really quite something to see. He knew his stuff. I pointed things out to him and he knew exactly what I was saying.”

Freiberg says it’s not often someone so young knows so much about watches, but it helps reinforce the idea people will always appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a fine timepiece. It’s also why he believes the smartwatch craze will have less of an impact on the watch industry than some fear.

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