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The other precious metal: Shake things up with silver

Mixing up the mediums

Silver and gold-plated earrings by Breuning.
Silver and gold-plated earrings by Breuning.

Polan’s impression is consumers are leaning more toward combining silver with fun and unusual materials like leather. Mixing is a way to jazz up silver styles and attract the consumer’s eye, he says.

Pairing silver with stones and gold not only offers supplementary choices among a brand, but also helps lift base price points to be more in line with client buying preferences. “A great design at $200 is not the right answer for any jewellery store when the purchaser wanted to spend $2000,” Gordon-Bock explains.

Silver jewellery is much more interesting than it used to be, Arkarakas says. She’s noticed her clients prefer having a versatile piece. Jewellery with a bit more ‘oomph’ looks just as great for an evening out as it does while picking up the kids from school. “We’re getting creative; we’re adding diamonds to it and we’re adding gold to it, so it is a fine piece of jewellery, but still has a casual feel that you can wear every day because it is combined with silver,” she notes.

Introducing gemstones or other accents elevates the style of the piece, while achieving a two-tone look allows wearers to tie all their jewellery together. Mixing the colours of the metals gives women the opportunity to combine what they already have at home with a fresh piece for a new, updated look.

Is silver here to stay?

Silver rings by Stephen Webster, with assorted stones accented  with mother-of-pearl and clear quartz.
Silver rings by Stephen Webster, with assorted stones accented with mother-of-pearl and clear quartz.

It is clear silver is selling. So who is buying? From the younger generation to more established clientele, it seems to be everyone. Gordon-Bock also points out that while silver jewellery used to  be a self-purchase, its price point and value-added panache now make it a go-to gift.

Many shoppers stock up on silver before travelling as a substitute to taking their finer pieces along with them. Others simply find silver enjoyable as a carefree wear on a more regular basis, not something to be reserved solely for special occasions.

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As designers continue to get more creative with offerings that rival less attainable gold collections, silver is proving to be worth much more than second place.

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