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What’s old is new: Dressing a showcase with vintage gold

The word “noble” is applied to a small handful of metals—silver, the “platinum group,” and, of course, gold. Metals in this category are found in their workable state in nature, and are not readily corroded, rusted, or degraded under normal natural conditions. This means gold cannot only be found in usable form, but, if it has been made into something, it will remain in this state forever.

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Spectacular shades: The colour of diamonds

Diamonds have fascinated jewellery and gemstone fans for thousands of years. We regard these shiny stones as solidified drops of the crystal-clear, pure morning dew, with the most exceptional among them classified as gems of ‘the finest water.’ These descriptors are all well and good for clear gemstones, but what about diamonds of other hues, colours, and tones?

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