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Changing your tune: How a different mindset can make all the difference


Your sales staff feels the pressure of meeting daily, weekly, and month end targets. The strain they are under becomes evident in their mood and negatively impacts the way in which they interact with customers.


  1. Your ability to build relationships with your client is key to making a sale.
    Your ability to build relationships with your client is key to making a sale.
    Alleviate the pressure by conveying to them the opportunity that every day brings. Think of each day as being Monday—a fresh start, a new day, and a new opportunity to approach sales. Try implementing creativity into the mix by having trunk sales. Identify which specific piece of jewellery you would like to see experience a boost in sales, contact your supplier, and put the plan into motion. This can create revenue on a regular basis, helping you meet your quotas without unnecessary panic and tension that generally accompanies month end.
  2. Are you involved with a specific charity that is putting on a fundraiser, such as a fashion show? Maybe you know of a high-end clothing boutique that is having an in-store fashion show to promote their new spring line. Why not offer to supply the jewellery? What a great way to display your inventory. Then, make it a point to attend the event, as this is a fabulous opportunity to network and build relationships with potential buyers. Remember to make note of how you want to ‘show up.’
  3. Take the time during interactions with your customers to get to know them. Compile your own rolodex of client information, including e-mail and/or home addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, family information, and something about their jewellery of choice or past purchases. Be in touch with them on an ongoing basis. When there is a sale or something comes in you think they’d like, give them a call. That personal touch goes a long way.
  4. Generate revenue from your repair department. Parlay a simple watch, bracelet, or ring repair into an opportunity for a sale. Remember, your ability to build relationships with your client is key to making a sale. For example, knowing your client is leaving their watch with you before going out of town for their niece’s graduation opens up the door to say, “Carolyn, take a look at our lovely selection of bead jewellery. What an appropriate gift this would make for your niece. What’s her name? Oh, Julia”¦ well, she can add to the bracelet with each memorable occasion. What do you think?” Notice the increase in sales as this becomes your genuine and natural approach with your clientele.



How do you stay motivated and implement all of these changes?


  1. Keep things fresh by training your staff in all areas/modalities of running your store. With each rotation comes that “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good” perspective. Ongoing training, positive reinforcement, and the thrill of mastery go a long way.
  2. Take the time to find out what motivates each of your employees. Just as you want them to foster relationships with your customers, the benefits of truly knowing your staff can help you recognize when they are losing focus. It can be as simple as bringing them a latte from their favourite coffee shop or sending them on a training course they’ve been wanting to attend.
  3. Darren Hardy’s book, The Compound Effect, explains how the implementation of small changes and smart choices over time become habits. This form of behaviour keeps you in ‘motivation’ mode on an ongoing basis and fosters lasting change.
  4. Remember complacency? Do you want to go back to that mode of existence? Not a chance. So be diligent and take the time to implement some of the methods discussed in this article to create your new reality: a thriving jewellery store.



With so much to put into place, where do I begin?


Consider hiring a coach to help identify your goal, one that is unique to you and to your business. He or she will challenge you, ask questions, listen to your answers, motivate, and offer accountability.

Before you know it, your goals can become a reality. When is the best time to start making these changes? Monday, of course!

Carolyn Swirsky Polisuk is owner of Step In2 Coaching in Thornhill, Ont., and a trained coach from the Adler School of Professional Coaching who partners with individual clients and conducts workshops for teams who want to hone in on their strengths, move forward with goals, and achieve outstanding results. Swirsky Polisuk can be contacted at (905) 889-0796,, or

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