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Go beyond the 4 Cs: Changing the way we sell diamonds

A recent study showed most people buy diamonds and diamond jewellery in a brick-and-mortar store. Be the diamond expert in your area to capture those sales.

One of the biggest challenges we face is our dependency on old habits and tried-and-true processes that may have served us well in the past. It’s a competitive world and Richard Branson of Virgin Companies says, “The only way to be truly successful in competitive times is to take on the status quo and turn it upside down.”

The more knowledge you gain about the status quo and what is out there for all to see, the more confidence you will have. Learn how to clarify confusing messages and combat bad information. This, coupled with a complete understanding of your mission and vision, can lead to more passion because you are speaking from the heart regarding what you know, what you care about, and what you know to be true.

Passion is what attracts people to you and makes them want to be associated with you; it is what makes them want to buy from you and only you. That said, you can’t fake it. People see right through schemes and scripts, and buzz words and clever sayings. No, passion has to come from within, built on a solid foundation of ethics, standards, principles, honesty, trustworthiness, knowledge, commitment to service, excellence, and community, and a truly identifiable commitment to the client’s needs and desires.

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