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Peer-to-peer trend hits jewellery market

Peer-to-peer networks seem to be popping up in every industry: hospitality is dealing with Airbnb, taxis are dealing with Uber, and the banks are dealing with Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a communication model which gives each party the same capabilities. In this model individuals are not assigned to be either the ‘client’ or the ‘server’ but can act as both.

Now there’s a new peer-to-peer network in the jewellery industry. Or at least there is … Continue reading Peer-to-peer trend hits jewellery market

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Madani launches ring app

Fans of Madani can now try on a virtual ring and find the closest authorized dealer, thanks to a newly launched app.

The technology allows consumers and retailers to browse Madani’s inventory of wedding bands. Using an iPad or iPhone, the user snaps a photo of their hand. The app—which took six months to develop—then superimposes an image of the desired ring, allowing the customer to ‘try on’ various designs. Entering a postal code … Continue reading Madani launches ring app

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